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@archipig wrote:

Check this out:


@Devin wrote:

Rocque is generally regarded as a very accurate map and there are hundreds of examples to testify it . . .

If this treatise does half what it says on the tin, we could shortly be able to put this whole ”how accurate was Rocque” debate to bed, once and for all.

@Devin wrote:

That return to 28 Anne Street that Rocque alledgedly put on the wrong side has a weird, newey appearance … not to mention the general alterations / rebuilding in early 20th century brick that went on at the rear elevations of the two houses. There are multiple possibilities of what went on here.

Devin, sweetie, would you ever look at the pictures.

Nos. 27 + 28 South Anne Street are the Rosetta Stone of 18th century Dublin Houses. We’ve gone through all this before. The Georgianification of these houses was uniquely half-assed, leaving us a remarkable permanent record . . . in two architectural languages.

Some time later in the 18th century, the visible-from-the-street front half of both ‘Billys’ was re-made as a full fourth storey, complete with a flat parapet and a cute little hipped roof over each half house, while [to use Graham’s perfect phrase] – bless their frugal hearts – the hidden back half of both houses was left completely untouched.

These houses are a Godsend, there can be no wriggle room here, no scope for passing these houses off as some kind of ‘transitional’ Georgian type with one of those ”wondrous and manifold Georgian roof profiles” that you’ve somehow managed to convince yourself once existed, as a means of explaining away all the ‘Billy’ features :rolleyes:

These two houses are definitively a pair, they are as close to a mirror image of each other as you can get, the staircases are virtually identical, the ‘newey’ return on no. 28 is completely consistent with being an original feature. OK, it’s lost it’s little gable – big deal.

the heavy staircases in no. 28 [align=left] and no.27 [align=right] respectively

95% of Dutch Billys in Dublin had a return on the fireplace side and in virtually every case the constructional quirk of a half-brick step-in in the main gable above the roof of the return can be seen. This was to do with the laying out of the foundations with the external wall [of greater thickness] following the outline of the return, and wall between the main back room and the little closet return being of internal wall thickness.

Despite the total renewal of the facing brickwork of the rear elevation of no. 28, this step-in can still clearly be seen [marked in red behind the vent duct]. This is ‘Billy’ DNA, pure and simple. There just are not ”multiple possibilities of what went on here”.

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