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@GrahamH wrote:

And for what it’s worth, another look at the fabulous rear of the adjacent two Billies with their massive central chimneystack and paired returns that Rocque got so badly wrong.

Come off it Grahamh!! That just sounds like grovelling, snivelling ‘siding’ ….. internet-board ass-licking of the worst kind. A bit of objectivity please!!!

A glance around Rocque shows that returns to early-18th century houses were not exclusively paired together, but often ribbed on their own along the back of a terrace (see Essex Street houses backing onto Old Custom House, for one). That return to 28 Anne Street that Rocque alledgedly put on the wrong side has a weird, newey appearance … not to the mention the general alterations / rebuilding in early 20th century brick that went on at the rear elevations of the two houses. There are multiple possibilities of what went on here. Rocque is generally regarded as a very accurate map and there are hundereds of examples to testify it. I mean, who is some two-bit internet kid to come along 250 years later and declare Rocque “so badly wrong” ……… really.
(no disrespect to you Grahamh 🙂 )

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