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Fair enough points. The continued presence of the pyramidal structure on the quayside is also suspect. Still, the detailed level of updating or correction (or perhaps simplification) of buildings, such as reducing four bays to three and the addition of dormers, suggests an attempt to clarify matters in the Chearnley view, regardless of when it was painted or what it was influenced by. Oddly though, there seems to be a row of red brick curvilinear gabled houses in the first view that are demolished in the second…

Is that stunted, classicised Billy still on North Main Street today?

Returning to the pair of formerly gabled houses on South Anne Street in Dublin profiled by gunter earlier in the thread, the small building next door to them also appears to be of a similar early date. It’s the stunted third building in from the corner.

Distinctly unremarkable, it exhibits an almost industrial quality typical of those grim remodellings of the first third of the 20th century.

Look a little closer and wowza!, we have an early 18th century door.

What a charmer.

Bless their frugal hearts eh.

The brickwork is tuck pointed underneath all that paint. The moulded string course appears to be granite, which if the case, and original, would make it one of the few to survive anywhere in the city.

The rear of the house features apparent remnants of exposed and flush sash boxes.

The interior seems encouragingly coherent from what can be observed from outside. There may well be early fixtures in there.

And for what it’s worth, another look at the fabulous rear of the adjacent two Billies with their massive central chimneystack and paired returns that Rocque got so badly wrong.

Just a delight to see.

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