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Dutch gables must of had an have influence & given rise to some of the more unusual or unique buildings dotted around the country. .this is in the Main Street, Coolaney, Co. Sligo
I was told it was once the Town Hall, you can see the join where the decorative barge has been added at a later stage.

Most of those shallow gabled examples with the multiple curves are very unlikely to have much antiquity behind them, but having said that, unless it’s mounted on an actual concrete garage, as many are, it could be worth checking out.

This example in Carrick-on-Suir, and noted by Craig, is the kind of 20th century remodelling that might well reflect an earlier 18th century gabled treatment.

Propably the best surviving example of the multiple-curved gable is the market house in Kinsale.

There’s a bit of double curvature going on with this example from a side street in Waterford, but it’s not entirely clear whether the profile hadn’t been altered.

Most ‘Billys’ in provincial locations appeared to conform to the standard profile, like this isolated example from North Main Street, Youghal.

Apologies for the brutal quality of the image which comes from one of those murky stereo plates from the late 19th century. The gabled shop which had the name C. Colbert Grocer on the sign board is gone now and the site is occupied by a modern block

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