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@Devin wrote:

I’d be inclined to say Paddy Whelan Cycles (No. 120) is a mid-18th century building with original roof … 1760s, something like that. The things you list there in regard to the basement, return, brickwork and window are not exclusive to an earlier date.

Returns on the chimney side, but without fireplaces, are not Georgian [except in parts of Limerick]. The only way that you can make houses of this type ‘Georgian’ is to take this whole body of the historical building record and put it in the wrong drawer.

@Devin wrote:

Roofs to the basic Georgian terrace building were double in section. Sometimes you laid it side-to-side, more often you laid it front-to-back. These side-by-side double roofs are just Georgian roofs.

I’ve never seen a man clutch at straws the way you do. 🙂

What kind of insane builder would disregard the layout of the internal walls of the house he’d just built and construct a double roof profile that required an additional structure and twice the lead valley, unless it was for a specific design purpose?

Why is that every time we find one of these double roof structures, the house also has a central corner chimney stack and a rear return on the same side?

Do you not see a pattern here?

@Devin wrote:

Before this “row” ever started, I had thought these roofs on 2-bay houses were funny, almost whimsical … that you would go to the trouble of creating a double roof with such a short distance to span.

Keep running that over in your head.

I’ll come back to the Quays example later.

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