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Just had to copy this over from the Limerick thread

Quote from CologneMike

Re: Regeneration of King’s Island ~ Saint Mary’s Park

The new “Irish Historic Towns Atlas ~ Limerick” reveals some gems. There is an 1845 impression of Nicholas Street (Wilkinson p. 130) which really grabs the imagination. In the selected bibliography, it mentions a book from George Wilkinson called the “Practical Geology and Ancient Architecture of Ireland” (Dublin and London 1845), so I’ll make an educated guess and presume this drawing originally came from it. I wonder when anybody is browsing the next time around the National Library and could confirm this.

This image fuels my support for some form of reconstruction of Dutch-gables as discussed in the previous page.

This image now takes the prize for best Billy pic so far.

Any advance on eight complete Billys in a row?

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