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Cork Street, as an ancient arterial route into the city, would have been developed in a more haphazard way than one of the ‘planned’ new streets of the early 18th century and glipses of the streetscape from old prints show a mixture of ‘Dutch Billys’ and triangular gabled ‘Weavers Houses’.

a sketch showing a mixture of ‘Dutch Billys’ and triangular gabled ‘Weavers Houses’ on Cork Street from an early volume of the Irish Georgian Society.

There was an interesting group of such houses west of the Marrowbone Lane junction

Outlined in blue is the site of a pair of originally gabled houses at nos. 82 and 83 Cork Street.

Photographed shortly before demolition in about 1961.

Currently sandwiched between a pair of apartment blocks the present nos. 84 and 85 don’t look to have much going for them, but no. 84, outlined in red on the map [the numbering system seems to have moved up one since the ’60s] is actually a fascinating little survivor whose only hint of antiquity is the central chunky chimney stack and a extra rain-water outlet between the two front windows.

From the building site opposite we can see that no. 84 originally had a pair of roofs perpendicular to the street, just like no. 120 further east. Only the gables survive what looks like a quite recent alteration to a flat roof.

from the rear, the antiquity and the cuteness of this little vernacular version of a twin gabled house becomes apparent.

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