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The last time we looked at these views of the the early 18th century North Gate in Cork and the houses beyond on Kyrls Quay, it was suggested that these prints must be naive later copies of an earlier print by Grogan.

This seems to be the original version by Nathaniel Grogan, the elder, currently in the Crawford.

As usual there’s stuff in the way, sails, rigging and what not, but Grogan still gives us a very convincing array of gables on Kyrls Quay that includes a high proportion of segmental arched pediment topped curvilinear gables [apparently the Cork preference] inter-mixed with simple triangular gables that may be either the original design, or possibly the result of the loss of decorative gabled features.

a detail of the gabled streetscape on Kyrls Quay

This accords reasonably well with what is depicted in the Chearnley view of about 1748.

detail of the Chearnley view [Northgate is no. 16] and Kyrls Quay is the range of buildings in the centre not in shadow. The same mixture of gables, curvilinear ‘Billys’ and triangular.

None of these buildings survive today, but back around 1910 the streetscape still showed some traces of it’s gabled heritage.

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