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The point is, if we all know what Amsterdam is . . . . a ‘coherent’ gabled townscape, and it’s streetscapes typically incorporate wide ”disparities in style and scale”, then we should be able to see in the lost gabled streetscapes of Dublin [which incorporated perhaps less disparity in style and scale] also a ”coherent gabled townscape”.

I thought we had more or less finished on this gunter. What more do you want? I already commented in my last post that maybe gabled Dublin did have a coherence, allowing for the likely provincial expression of the gable tradition. You will no doubt be familiar with the quote from page 161 of Craig’s Architecture of Ireland about the dutch billys here having “‘irregular gables stepped or topped with gracelss triangles or the feeblest of Baroque curves fall[ing] short of the picturesque even in fallacious retrospect'” (now to run for cover from the next onslaught of defence for Dublin’s gabled houses:D )

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