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And half way down the Green, Georgian London makes a fleeting visit to Dublin.

Graham, these are great photos. I think these two are the first of the terrace of five gabled houses we can see behind the tree on the right in the Malton view of Stephen’s Green to the right of the square block of ‘Newman House’. The first four are nice straight forward, four storey, ‘Dutch Billys,’ but the fifth one, if Malton is accurate, must have been a stunning five storey ‘Billy’ with an Amsterdam scale gable and pediment.

There are three more good ‘Billys’ on the east side of the Green beside the Bank of Ireland on the corner with Merrion Row, two standard cruciform roofed, four storey, houses and a little double gabled gem with a cute doodcase (the gables re-done as Victorian dormers). The interior of the double gabled house looks in mint condition. It was up for sale last year and if the Lotto had come through, this would now be gunter’s house.

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