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@gunter wrote:

To get in step with the new Georgian neighbours, the second ‘Billys’ has had it’s gable eliminated and the upper facade rebuilt as a flat parapet, but seamingly with no other alteration to the fabric and the original window arrangement left unaltered.

@Devin wrote:

Maybe, but of course there’s always the possibilty that it never had a gable and was constructed with a flat parapet, at the time this becoming the norm – just that its steep roof behind only allowed one window on the top floor.

Have any of us really considered the possibility that these houses were built by aliens?

Here’s a book you’d be interested in Devin. It includes a very well illustrated morphology of gabled houses in Lubeck . . . . for ten-year-olds.

I’m seriously thinking of doing a Dublin rip-off called ‘gunter’s guide to gables’ . . . . for ten-year-olds 🙂

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