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@gunter wrote:

To get in step with the new Georgian neighbours, the second ‘Billys’ has had it’s gable eliminated and the upper facade rebuilt as a flat parapet, but seamingly with no other alteration to the fabric and the original window arrangement left unaltered.

Maybe, but of course there’s always the possibilty that it never had a gable and was constructed with a flat parapet, at the time this was becoming the norm – just that its steep roof behind only allowed one window on the top floor.


@cravings wrote:

here is the other given photo, of old camden street. i saw them when i read the wikipedia page on Portobello.

These photos from the wiki page on Portobello are a really interesting record of the quirky little detour on the Camden Street / Rathmines Road axis which was half destroyed (more in the ’90s than ’80s I think) by superimpostion of a rectangular block over the old street pattern – a piece of urban planning worthy of Ceausescu which also wiped out the ancient divide of Rathmines Road and Ranelagh Road from Camden Street (they used to split either side of the Bleeding Horse pub, as seen in the map posted by gunter above).

The 1950s B&W photo above shows the little detour from the opposite end, ie. looking back towards Upper Camden Street (Brady’s chemist there on corner of Harrington Street and Camden Street is still there today).

See the current situation here on Bing:
The southern portion of the quirky mini detour absurdly still survives, though with a 1990s building in it.

The 1847 map.

The Bleeding Horse in the 1950s. It doesn’t really know what it’s doing these days, as a piece of urban fabric, since it lost its place at the head of a junction dividing two roads.

Was that one of those little Edwardian sub-stations in the right foreground? (It’s been demolished by the time of the colour pic posted by cravings, above.)

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