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. . . . . I live on Charlotte Way and have a feeling it’s a relatively new ‘cut through street’, no?

You’re right there Punchbowl, the link between Camden St. and Harcourt St. was created at the same time [in the late ’80s?] as the elimination of the two old streets Charlotte Street and Old Camden Street. I doubt if any serious investigation of the remains of the original houses was carried out, what little ‘conservation’ protest there was at the time seems to have been directed at saving ‘The Bleeding Horse’.

It was a fascinating old street pattern.

A couple of the surviving houses at the northern end of Charlemont Street retain ‘Billy’, or certainly ‘Transitional’, features, It is probable that several of the structures between here and Wexford Street are of the same vintage, but the continued strength of commercial activity on Camden Street has resulted in a awful lot of rebuilding over the years and early architectural features are hard to find.

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