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Cool. It looks quite big alright. You can easily see how everything else grew up around it too.

Thanks for that info gunter about Molesworth Street. Yes the print I referred to was that Penny Journal one you posted (I just couldn’t be bothered scanning it lol).

It would certainly explain a fact from Lost Dublin I found hard to reconcile with the street: when it was suggested that three c. 1800 houses now occupy the site of Speaker Foster’s house. It seemed excessive. Yes poor old Lisle House, utterly gutted and with a flat roof now too. I’d no idea it was Foster’s house – in hindsight it matches perfectly.

It was also a coincidence that the yellow building happens to roughly match that adjoining Foster’s in the picture, hence the confusion.

Now that we know the yellow building is indeed that smaller gabled house pictured above, as far as I know the panelling inside survives to the side entrance hall in the building, which would match with the location of the doorcase seen above. I must check that out. Out of interest, how did you know Lisle House was Foster’s house, gunter?

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