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. . . the curvilinear billy to the right is grand, but nonetheless typical of its type, although there’s obvious signs of severe smoke damage to both,


I could actually copy + paste much of the description of your two pals on this pair of houses at 27 & 28 South Anne Street.

As we know, numerous Dutch Billys survive in Dublin hidden behind simple Georgian facades and many others survive with both, altered facades, and, their attic storeys completely rebuilt and re-roofed.

These two houses have undergone a rare hybrid Georgian make-over where just the front half of the attic storey of each house was rebuilt as a full storey, each with a little pyramidal roof, behind a pair of standard looking Georgian facades.

From the air and from the rear, the original gabled form of the rear half of these houses is still evident even though parts of the roof structures have been truncated and most of the external brickwork has been renewed.

A good part of the cruciform roof of no. 28 survives and I’ve dotted in the original profile where it, and the roofs on the pair of returns, have been truncated. The roof structure of 27 has been more altered, but I suspect the modern mansard section echoes the survival of a matching cruciform roof to the rear of this house also, probably until comparatively recent times. The large shared central chimney stack survives even though the external brickwork has been renewed.

Although the external brickwork to the rear of no. 28 has been renewed, that pattern of windows incorporating a narrow pair on the stairwell may well be original and is suggestive of a re-facing of the back wall, rather than a rebuilding. Some of the former ‘Billys’ on Eustace Street incorporate this twin narrow window feature on the half-landings with a separate light facing each flight of the stairs.

stairs in one of the Eustace St. houses showing the narrow pair of windows on the half-landing.

The South Anne Street houses on Rocque map of 1756 [with the return at the rear of no. 28 shown on the wrong side], and as depicted on a mid 19th century O.S. map.

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