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Aha, but is it a single plot? It is depicted above as being of Mornington or Ely House-esque proportions, where two gables could comfortably be sited. Nonetheless, the few bays say it all about the narrowness of the house. Accurate scaling wasn’t exactly on the top of Barker’s agenda one imagines. Nice to see the cruciform shaped roofs linking up too.

As for the ESB development, one suspects a terrace of Billies would incur greater spluttering in some heritage quarters than if Barbican II was proposed for the site 😉

Your analysis sums things up nicely, gunter. Whereas we have yet to prove that Billies continued to be built beyond 1760, or indeed the mid-1750s for that matter, without question the Billy typology is one which the majority appeared to identify with as the standard house type well past the mid-century mark. The emergence of the classical ideal in 18th century domestic architecture was perhaps akin to the phenomenon of Modernist flat-roofed homes in British suburbs of the 1930s – will this take off or not? Clearly the Gardiners and Fitzwilliams were infinitely better at marketing than their successors.

Indeed, were the desperation of many developers in plonking pitched roofs on top of these often unsaleable houses transferred to 18th century Dublin, we could have a Georgian city with retrofitted gables 🙂

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