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I’ve cast an eye on that Stephen Street chimney a few times, very hard to know about these two houses, wouldn’t mind a rummage inside though.

On Rocque’s depiction of returns, we’ve seen this before where he showed them on the wrong side. I’m inclined to think he had no idea we’d be pouring over his maps with a magnifying glass two hundred and fifty years later! Such disgraceful lack of foresight:rolleyes:

@GrahamH wrote:

Quite a cumbersome, if charming, shaped house (21 Thomas St.) it has to be said. I would almost firmly agree that a curvilinear, open-bedded pedimented gable is the most likely type this house once had.

A similar house existed directly opposite The Minot tower on Patrick Street, also a well developed street by the time ‘Dutch Billys’ came along as opposed to a clean slate developed in speculative ‘Billy’ terraces.

At the moment there is an element of guesswork in this, but I don’t believe that no. 21 is a triangular gabled house, it is, as you say, a moderately prestigious house for it’s date with a broad staircase, ceiling mouldings and a generous basement.

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