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Why am I not surprised by that monster – it is Waterford we’re talking about I suppose. If ever there was a city that’s been troddon on with a spiked boot… (not that the Victorian Granville was much better mind). Interesting to see how the once-dominant classical building loses nearly all sense of grandeur when the frothy yoke next door goes up.

A nice charting of events there gunter. The parallel with Speaker Foster’s house and adjacent mansion in Dublin is bizarre! The 1880s photograph is of course the most interesting, featuring a building that screams standard Billy truncation.

One slight element of doubt creeps in though in respect of the window pattern, which I’m sure you’ve noticed. What would explain the skewed positioning to the right of the central bays – indeed the clumping of all three right-hand bays? It almost suggests two houses joined together. However two-bay houses appear almost non-existant elsewhere due to the early origins of this terrace, and the matching size of fenestration suggests a single building, as does the size of the plot relative to the one nest door. Perhaps just a casual attitude to the exterior in order to improve interior circulation, e.g. accommodate a staircase? Indeed the most I look at the picture, the more out of line all the bays appear relative to each other.

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