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Well this is all just ridiculously good material – to the extent that anything which follows shall inevitably be inane and frivolous. Superb work gunter, and thanks for posting your beautiful draftings; the attention to detail displayed and your complete understanding of the composition of buildings and their elements just leaps off the page. Apologies for the ingratiating tones, but truly to be able to draw like that is such a remarkable skill. I could (and do) look at that image all day.

There’s so much material to respond to that it’s only managable in bitesize chunks. One point is that house B is quite convincing to my mind, being reminicent of the Landmark Trust’s house on Eustace Street in Temple Bar, if smaller in scale. It dates to the 1720s. The magnificent specimen of a residence at house C would tie in with this date, its doorcase clearly clamped in the era of Thomas Burgh’s doorcases at the Castle of 1712-1717 and those of the former Friends Meeting House across the road from the Landmark Trust house of c. 1730. It’s interesting that these houses would probably have survived in the city centre, but being positioned in Newmarket, they suffered a fate similar to that of the Billies pictures earlier on the thread on Ormond Street around the corner from Chamber Street. They vanished or were decrepit quite early on.

The double Billy house above is highly convincing!

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