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Gunter: on May 15 you agreed that Leask was right about the RWP at 30 Jervis Street, even though [you had been] inclined to doubt it, given [your earlier] convoluted explanation for how these close-coupled twin Billys were designed not to need central drain pipes on the front eleveations. 10 Mill Street, on the opening page of this thread, provides another example of a central outlet. Such ‘wandering’ rainwater goods look gauche to modern eyes used to expecting RWPs at party walls only. I am amazed by the Malton view of High Street you posted on May 29, showing two more examples of central outlets. The one that’s really puzzling me is the ‘narrow’ three-bay example, however. Do you think this is a one-off aberration? Or not? I’m curious to know what you make of it and what it might mean for our understanding of Billys.

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