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I’ve considered all the points you’ve made in this post and in earlier posts but I still don’t think there is enough solid evidence to read twin gabled house into 32 Thomas Street. The early/mid 18th century plan form of the building is undisputed. And I’m not disputing your claim that its central roof valley sits in a similar position at the top of the house to those of the documented New Row and Jervis Street houses (though I think the similarities with those two end there). But after that, I don’t think there’s much to go on. The Georgian period, like every other period, used the wall plate beam. The central valley of the two small spans of the 32 Thomas Street roof is supported by some type of beam, in turn resting on the front wall, spine wall and rear wall. But without actually seeing what’s there, I think it’s just fanciful to consider it’s an early beam associated with the Dutch type gable roof.

Then there’s the lack of pictorial evidence of twin gables on a two bay house.

I know you have studied the Dutch Billy style and it’s a great passion of yours, but, given the level of conjecture involved here, I think you should be a little more open to other possibilities for this roof.

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