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aren’t we forgetting the pastiche apartments around back lane/cornmarket and the single building at 18 lwr leeson st that seems a bit bizarre-I have never ascertained if it is meant to be a replica of an original building on site or a folly? The only extant gable fronted buildings in D2 I can think of off the top of my head are on Molesworth st and Ely Place

Those two on Molesworth St. are original curvilinear gabled house that were masked, probably in late 18th century, with a flat parapet, and then subsequently had a bit of a gabled pedement top put back on. I have a lot of stuff on Molesworth St. I’ll post up when I get a chance.

There was an intact gabled house on Leeson St. up to about 1980. It was masked as a flat parapet, but in a way that you could still see the outline of the curvilinear gable, but it was down further towards Stephens Green than the present pastiche structure. It’s hard to know what the planning rational was for the new structure, same as with the Cornmarket scheme.

I couldn’t find the Rocque’s map sheet that covers the south west city but I scanned up a copy from the St. Lukes conservation report that shows Newmarket in all it’s glory and I stuck a red box around no. 10 Mill St. (which was never quite as off-axis at it looked here) and the corner house (now a pub) on Newmarket / Brabazon Place.

As narrow as Mill Lane was, it was still fronted by houses the whole way down to Mill Street.

A pair of Dutch Billys on Newmarket, after the roof had been trimmed down to a hip at the front and the gables trimmed to the profile of the roof.

The importance of this structure is hard to exagerate. Newmarket Square was slightly smaller than Smithfield but, whereas
Smithfield appears to have been mostly three storey, Newmarket was probably all four storey and coming east from triangular
gabled Chamber Street, it must have been stunning.

On both elevations the blocked up second floor windows (identifal size and spacing to the first floor) can just be made out behind the render, meaning that all this house is actually missing is the gabled top storey.

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