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@jimg wrote:

Could the almost freestanding house on Catherine St. Limerick be a candidate Billy? . . . . except none of this part of Limerick was developed at the time or was it?

I’m struggling with that question too.

Here’s another pair on Lower Gerald Griffin Street (not sure of the street numbers) that exhibit some pre-standard-Georgian features;

On balance, I’d be inclined to plump for ‘transitional’ here, rather than altered ‘Billy’, but I could be talked around;). Returns don’t seem to count in Limerick, they occur even on otherwise standard Georgian houses, but the roof structure, even though half-hipped to front and rear, belongs as much to the ‘Billy’ tradition as it does to the Georgian.

I wonder if the one on the left is still up for sale? . . . wouldn’t mind a look at the stairs!

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