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Yeah DMD used to be in 9 Poolbeg Street. They did a nice Liberties Coombe Urban Design Framework for the Council in 2004 (one of many such shelf-propping Liberties plans produced over time) when they were at that address. Now they’re in Rathmines –

Re 33 Thomas Street, gunter are you sure that that is the remains of a twin-gabled facade? There lots of pictures of old gabled houses in Dublin, but I’ve never seen a picture of a two-bay house with a twin gable.

The little full-height return to one side of the back elevation indicates the early 18th century date right enough. But another theory for the current appearance of the roof could be that the two parallel pitches were originally a single-pitch, with the middle section taken out to reduce height of the roof, in line with overall moves to Georgianise the building and rid it of “hick” early appearance.

There are a few other two-bay buildings with these small parallel pitches – Paddy Whelan’s on Cork Street mentioned earlier and one on Lower Exchange Street which was demolished in the ’80s or early ’90s, but I haven’t seen any particular evidence that they aren’t mid/late Georgian roofs.

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