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Madness! Just madness! Fantastic work gunter – who’d have thunk it eh? (glad to see the Dept of Health proved accommodating with their biscuit tin). With a building like Mulligan’s not just being a Billy, but a double Billy at that, is a bit like declaring City Hall’s rotunda to be of antiquity encased in a Georgian shroud! It seems so obvious in hindsight (Mulligan’s that is).

Two other factors which would lead one to conclude this is indeed a Billy is that neighbouring structures were whacked and rebuilt/refaced in time-honoured tradition in the early 19th century (in a ravishing yellow brick at that – such good taste), and also as mentioned, the large attic storey windows. A building would never be purpose-designed with such poor proportionality, with the same size windows all the way up. The round heads are also a rather desperate attempt to inject some cheeriness into proceedings, not unlike the suburban living room furnishings of the ministeral suite across the road. Again they suggest the jazzing up of an older building. I love the gouged out chimney breast inside – a practice seen across the city.

So what about getting into the upper floors?

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