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Just noticed that there was an ammendment to those Roisin Hanley drawings of 9 Aungier Street to the effect that the beams weren’t actually Oak, but were identified as Red Deal.

The remarkable thing about this house is that, although the exterior has been comprehensibly renewed in late 19th century? yellow brick, the interior appears to be structurally intact (if only just).

The stairs, as noted by Devin, is the real deal:

Pics and drawings plundered from the DCC planning file.

I suspect that the only way to begin to unravel the original roof configuration of a house like this would be to minutely examine the surviving beams for indications of earlier joist notching, assuming that some of the beams may have been re-positioned or re-used. It’s interesting that the largest section beam (noted on the drawings) seems to be the one under the valley gutter, but the change in floor level between the top landing and the front rooms would seem to preclude that this beam originally carried on to the front wall, where circulation head-room across the plan would have been severly restricted.

I presume that, given the Protected Structure status, and the pre-1700 automatic National Monument designation entitlement, DCC are well on top of this one (like with 42 Manor St.) so we’ve nothing to worry about. *Smilie face reserved*

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