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@Devin wrote:

Just searching DCC’s planning page, there’s a report and some other material on 9 Aungier Street by conservation architect Roisin Hanley in this 2005 application for upgrading of apartments – . . . Looking at the Hanley report, you realise how significant this building is; seventeenth century oak beams all over the place.

Thanks for the link Devin, never thought of checking for a planning file, Doh!

That’s actually a pretty decent report, loads of information and very little bullshit, why is that so difficult to do?

Great survey drawings too (except for that dodgy roof section;)) This is a great house, truely baffling!

It’s pretty obvious that, in the late seventeenth century, whenever they encountered a problem, builders just threw in another beam, they must have been growing on trees!

I wouldn’t rule out recycling either, re-using a beam in a different location during a spot of roof re-modelling, instead of hauling it down all those stairs.

On the subject of dodgy building practice, I came across a beam (slightly later pitch-pine, not oak) in the remains of a house at 75 Old Kilmainham (a probable Billy) and it was bedded into the rubble stonework of the wall on the recycled leg of a table:)

Since demolished, unfortunately.

Graham: also similar doors further up Manor street, can’t find photographs at the moment. Btw, thanks for the drawing complement, only took you eight days:rolleyes:

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