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Ruled pointing or pencil pointing 🙂

Great debate – trying to keep up here alongside other work, but just to clarify, are you both saying the pitches to the rear of No. 9 are not the same? Personally I can’t see any major difference, but presumably that’s the angle of the camera. As the rear elevation is almost certainly of 19th century stock brick, it is to be expected that the roof profile is marginally different to that of the original, especially if such extensive structural alterations took place which would have provided the incentive to improve attic accommodation, which may otherwise not have been conducted. I’d tend to agree that the inner pitches match the originals, though yes, simply more internal info is needed.

Agreed re the Manor Street doorcase – I too found that surprising that it is not original. It matches similar doorcases of the 1740s(ish) on Middle Abbey Street and Clare Street to perfection.

Oh and what a fabulous drawing earlier gunter – a real asset to the site. I wish more people would sketch their ideas!

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