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@gunter wrote:

If it was the ridge levels that have been lowered and the springing is actually original, then conformity to prevailing taste for flat parapets would have been achieved, again without the expense of completely rebuilding the roof.

Ok possibly, but then as we know parapet height was often increased to hide an old roof if the facade was altered in the Georgian period. Plenty of them to be seen (19 Upr. Stephen St., 131 Thomas St., 10-12 Ellis Quay (demolished in the ’80s)). Then again the facade of No. 9 has a fairly regular Georgian proportion – at least in the current late-19th/early-20th century version – so you could be on to something!

Just searching DCC’s planning page, there’s a report and some other material on 9 Aungier Street by conservation architect Roisin Hanley in this 2005 application for upgrading of apartments – <a href=">%206250/05. Looking at the Hanley report, you realise how significant this building is]0710/07[/URL]. That’s presumably part of what’s going on at the moment with the scaffolding.

Btw that flush pointing with a line incised along the centre of the joint that JKMA mentioned is a technique itself – can’t remember the name of it. It was used on, for example, the refurbishment of the Granary building at the corner of Temple Lane and Cecelia St in Temble Bar in the 1990s.

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