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@Devin wrote:

cool to discover the remains of the Leask Jervis house in an old photo.

It turns out there’s another slightly earlier photograph that shows the dooway of no. 30 up close.

The photograph gives good corroboration for the Leask drawing, although he slightly mixed up the rustication courses on the door surround and missed the slightly dropped keystone 🙂

The rain water pipe, as drawn by Leask, was correct even though I was inclined to doubt it given the convoluted explation I had given earlier for how these close-coupled twin Billys were designed not to need central drain pipes on the front elevations:rolleyes:

There’s also a better photograph of the door of no. 32, which is a bit different that I had imagined it from the other blury photograph.

I suspect that this one was originally a match for the pedimented doorways at nos. 30 and 31, but was altered later (like a couple of the North Great Georges St. doors), to have a semi-circular fanlight, even though in this case the actual area of glass isn’t actually any bigger than it would have been under an original pediment!

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