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I can’t really get anything on that great composite photograph of Merchants’ Quay to match the Chearnley engraving! We’ll have to try to match the houses with the corresponding plots in the sequence of O.S. maps and work it that way, but that’s another day’s work.

The correlation between Chearnley (1748) and Butt (1760) is quite good, give or take a window or two.

I’m not sure if this Jonathan Butt print (apparently enlarged from the original by Robert Walker in 1883) post-dates his painting of this view (posted earlier in the thread) or, more likely, is just based on the same sketch.

The tall darkly shaded four bay house in the Chearnley print, which is reminiscent of the famous Marrowbone Lane single gabled mansion, is shown here (marked with a red X) with a flat parapet and a full top storey, otherwise the terrace of Dutch Billys on Merchants’ Quay is still intact in 1760 and matches very well with Chearnley. There are even further gabled houses to the left of the ship masts beyond the other four bay (yellow X) on a stretch of the quay which is not shown developed in 1748. The terrace then comes to an abrupt end with a Palladian mansion plonked there like a modernist cube!

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