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The new sash windows in the Manor Street house seem to be a bit of a boob. Are the centre panes really wider than the others, as Canus noted?

On a positive note, the lunette windows were a good solution to the ‘two storeys of top-floor windows’ which looked so awkward in the elevation prior to the refurbishment.


Nos. 37 & 39 Montpelier Hill circa 2005.

Internal view prior to refurbishment.

More conjecture here. Gables have been added to a pair of early houses at Nos. 37 & 39 Montpelier Hill, on the basis that they would have had some type of gables at some point. As can be seen in the ‘before’ pics, they were in wretched condition, with internal floor collapses and bits of original timber panelling clinging to the walls.

The houses have a complex planning history, with a proposal for a glazed penthouse additional floor at one stage (!!). DCC refused it. Condition 1:

Nos. 37 and 39 Montpelier Hill are two Protected Structures and very significant early 18th Century houses set in a streetscape with adjacent Protected Structures on either side of the road evoking a strong sense of the early 18th century origins of this part of the city. The proposed re-development of these properties by reason of the scale and the inappropriateness of the changes proposed would result in such radical alterations to the original structures that their historical identity would be eroded. The proposed development would be contrary to the Conservation Policy objective set out in Dublin City Development Plan 1999. <a href=">%20(2960/04)

So they came back with the gables proposal, but it was refused again for excessive subdivision of the protected structures and overdevelopment to the rear – <a href=">%206427/05

Finally, a toned-down version got permission – <a href=">%205184/06. Is complete now since the above picture was taken.

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