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Thanks for the in-depth clarifications! (god I wish I could draw). I’m nearly 100% certain you’re correct on the issue of the traverse section of roof – the exclusion of such a redundant space over the placement of a cumbersome hopper and downpipe was a no-brainer. No. 42 was also quite late – I suspect 1740s – further heightening the architectural stakes and the finesse thereof. Further confirmation of Billy status (though I’m open to correction on this) is that we haven’t yet encountered a transitional type house which features traverse gable sections – would this be the case?

The 19th century brick infill corners are still a little confusing, but it’s possible that hastily built Georgian infill had to be repaired in the 19th century. Of greater significance is that they’re completely exposed on both sides up there: a disaster for parapet walls – it was probably this that led to the replacement brick being erected. As mentioned, the moulded capping, and indeed the house’s relatively secondary positioning on the northside, suggests the gables were removed in the fashionable 18th century, not the 19th century. The window surrounds appear to be later still, possibly dating to c. 1900, when I suspect the windows were also replaced, in spite of their antiquated style.

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