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CologneMike: I think your no. 6 is spot on.

This would mean that the site of the four Billys (and the probable altered five storey Billy in the foreground) has essentially not been redeveloped yet!

It seems that the Tholsel/gaol building, seen from the rear in this view, more or less lined up (marked with a red arrow) with the first of the terrace of four Billys on the opposite side of Mary Street (marked in red).

Emily Place (Jail Lane) today with the gable wall of an early 20th century house, set back a little bit on the Tholsel corner. To the rear of the modern house some late medieval stonework survives corresponding to the location marked X on the 19th century photograph.

A recent photograph looking up Mary Street towards the cathedral. The terrace of Billys must have been located on the site with the railings, past the stone wall and gate, beyond the 1925 green building on the left. The terrace of four cottages on the right appear in the distance in one of the Tholsel photographs and they were built in 1893 – 94 according to the stone plaque.

The Billys would have front the site that includes the remains of ‘Fanning’s Castle’ to the rear.

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