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The ‘Billys’ in the third image and the fourth have to be the same (adjoining a five storey on the left). So the reasonably regular terrace of four ‘Billys’ (4th image) with the central shared laneway (very unusual) directly faced the gaol, hence the shadow you’ve pointed out.

Limerick Museum

Emly Place (Jail Lane Bow), View of area behind the tholsel, a one storey whitewashed cottage l., lane up centre derelick land beyond cottage, whitewashed cottages poorly shown up r. of lane, back of dutch gabled houses on Mary St in distance. :confused:Two girls l. foreground and boy sitting on ground at beginning of lane.

Then we could say that the outline of those houses are not the “back of Dutch gabled houses on Mary St in distance” but in fact they are their front façades facing onto Mary Street . (i.e. on the other side of the street). The Tholsel is highlighted (black line) at the corner (junction Mary Street / Gaol Lane).

Arrow indicating Mary Street.

See also Junction of Long Lane with Gaol Lane and Sheep Street (1971)

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