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Tholsel ~ Mary Street / Gaol Lane (Emily Place)

The Tholsel (Queen Anne’s Prison) could be a little guide to help pin-point some Dutch Gable images on Mary Street.

The first image below of the Tholsel building reveals an interesting shadow on its façade. It seems to resemble the top of a Dutch gable similar to those in the last image below of Dutch Gables from Mary Street. To date I have not managed to identify their exact location on Mary Street but I always had a hunch (speculation) that they were sited on that side of the street.

The second image of the Tholsel shows its neighbouring shop fronts. The second building reveals a shop front with a 2-2-1 window format overhead.

The third image is unfortunately quite faded in quality. It was taken to the rear of the Tholsel on Gaol Lane and reveals the outlines of more Dutch Gables from Mary Street.

Emly Place (Jail Lane Bow), View of area behind the tholsel, a one storey whitewashed cottage l., lane up centre derelick land beyond cottage, whitewashed cottages poorly shown up r. of lane, back of dutch gabled houses on Mary St in distance. Two girls l. foreground and boy sitting on ground at beginning of lane.

Source Limerick Museum: Tholsel-1 , Tholsel-2 , Gaol Lane , Mary Street.

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