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Am I right in saying that the whole corner fireplace thing never really took off in Limerick?

. . . and that nearly full height, gable ended, returns (on the opposite side to the stairwell), which in Dublin would be one of the sure identifying features of a ‘Dutch Billy’, in Limerick, were standard on mid-late 18th century Georgian terraces?

All of this, and the practice (as at your Galwey’s House) of rebuilding the front elevation of late medieval urban tower houses with facades straight out of Amsterdam, make ‘Billy’ hunting in Limerick a little bit more challenging than I was anticipating.

Aerial view of Broad Street showing what looks like a surviving medieval plot pattern, with perhaps the plots subsequently subdivided into two properties? The substantial remains on one medieval town house survive in the laneway to the rear (the green enclosure at the top of the aerial view).

How many of these present structures on Broad Street were rebuilt as Dutch gabled houses in the early 18th century? . . . and may still retain fabric from this period? . . . From the evidence of the photographs of demolished Broad Street houses, posted by CologneMike earlier in the thread, you’d have to suspect that most were.

The white painted, four storey, pair would be prime candidates, but they look like they’ve been totally gutted and turned into apartments.

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