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This magnificent pair of early 18th century houses in Dundalk are famous for their curious goings-on.

Slap bang in the town centre, adjacent to St, Patrick’s Church, they predate almost everything around them by nearly a century. The gables and Tudoresque chimneystack are very much of the late 19th century, as with the plate glass windows below, however the likelihood of them being gabled before this remodelling is quite high. They feature extraordinarily enormous roof forms to the rear, of such a bulk and prominence that they are either of the transitional house type, or formed gables of some sort from the very beginning. I have a Victorian photograph of the houses to dig out where the caption expressly notes that the current gables either have or have not been added – I can’t remember which at the minute!

The gaping valley outlet to the front elevation, with chimney pots visible to the rear!

The Victorian stack was a rebuild of an earlier stack, and a late Georgian sash is also visible in the dormer. The large first floor window opes in the front facade are also probably of late 18th century origin.

As the houses were clearly altered in the late 18th century and probably again c. 1830, it’s unlikely that the Victorian photograph shows them in their original form either way, so they may well have been gabled. Here’s the side elevation which is strangely English in detailing. The chimneystack is also an early rebuild.

This extension appears to have been added in the early 19th century going by the sashes, but they can be deceptive, as with the supposedly early exposed sash boxes.

These were added/changed during the c. 1880s picturesque remodelling.

In spite of all the changes, the tiny window opes of the front elevation remain, and feature wonderfully poor quality shimmering sheet glass 🙂

Oh to get inside for a root…

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