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never underestimate the urge to be fashionable

The only slightly surprising thing about the ‘Locke Bar’ re-modelling is that the typical flat parapet and hipped roof we associate with the standard ‘Georgian’ moderisation of ‘Dutch Billies’, in this case, apparently happened much later in the 19th century, replacing not the original gable, but a ‘Victorian’, barge-board gable treatment, which had, in turn, replaced the original ‘Dutch’ gable. (that is, if the 19th century paintings are to be relied upon).

On the subject of gabled house re-modelling, I spotted a nice example in Lubeck last week. The Koberg is a small square at the northern end of the city, two sides of which are late medieval -16th Century, while the other two sides appear to date to the Nepoleonic era neo-classical period. On one of the neo-classical sides is a posh hotel called the ‘Hoghehus’, and the first tell-tale sign here is the lop-sided lateral roof with a suspiciously steep pitch.

The right hand picture, (from the handy vantage point of a Christmas Ferris wheel), shows how thin the neo-classical veneer is on these original (probably) 16th century gabled houses. I particularly liked that the centre hopper head and rain-water pipe, on the line of the division between the original two houses, has been carelessly retained, giving away the original gabled profiles!

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