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@gunter wrote:

On the little half round, attic storey, window feature we were discussing earlier, this seems to be quite a common motif in the more provincial branches of the mainstream European gabled tradition.

There are a few houses with the half moon window on Tuckley Street in Cork, opposite the entrance to Bishop Lucey Park ………… Cork people, where are you??

@GrahamH wrote:

These houses are no doubt a puzzle to the many inquisitive sort standing at the bus stop across the road, as they were for me for quite a few years waiting endlessly on the 15. A freak instance of Victorian domesticity in a city that was otherwise in decay at the time of their construction, these late 19th century houses of distinctly odd proportions and charming manageable scale have always stood out as an incongruous late addition to a street that was supposedly the most fashionable thoroughfare in the capital for over half a century. This would immediately lead one to conclude that these are remodellings of much earlier, possibly gabled, buildings constructed in the 1730s as part of the Molesworth estate development.

Not so. Rocque shows the plots vacant in 1756.

There was a 1773 update of Rocque by Bernard Scale. Might be worth checking to see if they’re on that. I recall that they are a mid 18th cen terrace refronted.

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