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CM, I think we’re getting mixed up here, surely your ’50s photo does show the current ‘Locke Bar’, but, at that stage it’s front gable was gone completely and it had been given a flat parapet and hipped roof treatment to match the right hand house, on the other side of the laneway (out of shot). The two storey brick house beyond the single storey wall seems to match the house in the current view and there’s no other way to explain the surviving three storey stone elevation of ‘The Locke Bar’ premises to the laneway. Some time after the 1950s picture was taken the building must have lost it’s whole top storey, but below that, the fabric is probably substantially intact.

Damn . . . . . . I thought my “Fifty-Fifty” option on which house the Locke Bar was a certain bet, maybe we should “Ask the Audience” or “Phone-A-Friend” to confirm this one? 😉

When comparing both images above, I looked at both possibilities and opted for the simplistic 1:1 comparison.

On the other hand again, both Dutch gables have the same number of windows per floor (i.e. first floor has 3; second floor has 3; third floor has 2) and replacement work on the curvilinear gable top by a flat parapet and hipped roof treatment to match the right hand house is very plausible, as this appears to have happened a lot in the past as seen in previous posts.

I wonder what motives were there in general to change the façade of these houses from one with a curvilinear gable top to one with a flat parapet?

Fire regulations? Maybe Georgian conformity with the rest of the street?

Does your aerial shot indicate that these little gables are still there?

Yes, the aerial image is somewhat blurred but one can make out a sketchy outline of them at the foot of the large chimney stack (see black arrow). Those houses in Travemunde are really neat.

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