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Limerick ~ Irishtown

Sean Spellissy in his book “Limerick – In Old Photographs” displays a few Dutch Billy images on page 3 and pages 17-20. He mentions Stan Stewart as the photographer for some of the Irishtown images and an online search on the Limerick Museum web reveals quite a few images from him.

29 Broad Street, shop of J Murphy. There is stone plaque with coat of arms (1642) to be seen between the windows above.

Limerick Museum Online

Brazen Head pub, No 24, rear of John Street (Continuation of Broad Street)
The name of a red-haired woman beheaded in the fighting of 1690 against King Billy’s forces. She died near an Inn which was renamed in her honour and rebuilt in 1794.

Limerick Museum Online

Below Broad Street ~ Stan Stewart

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