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. . . I noticed a building on Queen Street this morning that is almost defo a Dutch Billy. It’s one of the Bargaintown buildings . . . .

I think Devin might have put up a better picture of this one, but I can’t just locate it at the moment.

Queen Street.

Not sure about it though. This house, and another similar one in Mary Street, could be Billys with a Victorian make over, or they could just be Victorian. Both are close to corners which might explain why the characteristic rear returns appear to be absent (in the circumstances where the building plots converge and space to the rear was restricted). For sure, both Queen Street and Mary Street were first developed in the period when the curvilinear gabled house was pretty much the the only show in town, so it is possible that they are, at least in part, surviving Billys.

Mary Street.

While most Dutch Billys were either three of four storeys, there appears to have been a significant sub-group that were five storey and also more specifically ‘Dutch’ in their detailing. The tall house behind the tree in Malton’s print of Stephen’s Green (posted earlier) and a house on the south side of Haymarket would be Dublin examples and then there’s that amazing five storey house besisd the exchange in Limerick that CologneMike posted up a fews pages back.

It would be a interesting exercise to gather together the known five storey Billys and get a look at them and see if we can stick dates on any of them.

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