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there’s a rather fine example at the top of manor st. but like most it has a parapet at the top, the original roof is still clearly visible, and a rather peculiar tower at the rear!

That big house on Manor Street is a gem, but I would be 95% certain it was never a ‘Dutch Billy’. It’s in the same tradition, but I think it’s a transitional house using many of the features and building techniques of the gabled tradition, but with the new flat parapet from the start.

Almost every other house in Dublin with a pair of apex roofs was a twin ‘Dutch Billy’ (Bachelors Walk, James’s St. etc.), you simply didn’t go to the bother of constructing two roofs unless it was to exploit the potential for a pair of gables, but the Manor St. house is hipped front and back and has, what appears to be, an original moulded granite coping to the parapet, which is quite rare.

The orange brickwork around many of the windows could be considered an original feature in London, but here, it’s definitely a repair.

The scale of the windows on the second floor is inexplicable, you’d need to have a good rummage around the inside to begin to explain these. The building is a creche, so if anyone has a small kid . . .

This is the nearest London equivalent that I know of, Dr. Johnston’s house of circa. 1700. If this house was in Dublin, there is no question it would have had twin Dutch gables, like 10 Mill St., but there is no evidence that this was the case in London

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