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I have been reading this thread whenever I get a chance over the last few months and find it fascinating. It has led me to all sorts of questions about the history of Dublin’s urban form. One broad theme that I see emerging is the manner in which many of these buildings may still exist, yet remain almost invisible. It has got me wondering if this is one of the defining characteristics of Dublin’s urban morphology. Whether it is the re-facading of Dutch Billy’s, older Georgians getting a Victorian make-over, or, more recently, the ‘facadist’ approach to some of our built heritage, this form of layering seems to be a constant in the development of Dublin through the ages. Added to this could be the present trend of placing a more ‘contemporary’ facade on modernist buildings, or a box on top of older stock. Maybe I am way off the mark, but it is just something that struck me and got me rethinking my opinion on some present trends.

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