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I was up in the Weavers Square / Cork Street area yesterday to have a look at some of it in the flesh.

Interesting to see how succcessive alterations have utterly undermined any sense of enclosure in Weavers Square, from the removal of terraces on the east side and especially the south side, to the blocks of flats set 5 metres behind the old building line. Even the ‘chamfering’ of the north west corner, which now means Ormond Street just flows into the square instead of entering it.

(Also, the block of flats on the corner of Chamber Street and Weavers Square seemed still to have people living in it; or, at least, people coming out of it- a mother and three small kids.)

Anyway, more on topic- I saw this house on Cork Street, just opposite the junction with Ormond Street, and it set me thinking- a candidate? I don’t think it’s been mentioned on here before.

Low ground floor, slightly odd proportions, windows slightly closer than usual, possible removal of upper floor; and then, from Virtual Earth (just above the R110 label), it seems the roof is split in two, with one part of the plan projecting further than the other.

Maybe my eyes have been opened by this thread, or maybe my mind has been poisoned. 😉 gunter (or anyone else, for that matter)- your thoughts?

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