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@Rory W wrote:

The fine buildings that survived in most European cities, London included were, like merrion square, the hoses of the better off. Almost all the slums deteriorated and were cleared.

OK you’re probably right there, but I’m still goin’ to grumble any chance I get.

@constat wrote:

The Weaver square picture reminds me slightly of another street that used to be at the foot of Cromwell’s Quarters (40 steps) just off Bow Lane W,.. think it was called Kennedy’s Villas ?

Kennedy’s Villas on Bow Lane was a strange mass concrete development that I believe was constructed as early as about 1910. It did have the look of being the surviving lower storeys of much older houses now that you mention it. I’ll have to go searching for photographs.

I think Bow Lane was probably a mixture of gabled houses and low vernacular cottages and two storey houses, the likes of which we can see in the distance in this photograph of Bow Bridge from the Kennedy’s Villas site.

The pub on the corner became May Murrays and survived with a new front elevation up to about ten years ago. The next house to the pub was, I believe, a twin Billy and we can see a nice pair of steeply pitched hipped roofs peeping up over the parapet. Notice on the 1872 map how a simple urban space had been created by pulling back the northern building line from the edge of the bridge. Irwin Street was created about 1710 as a second approach to the Royal Hospital. Dutch Billys a plenty here I think.

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