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Fascinating to see the old street patterns in such detail, and the almost domestic-Hanseatic feel of Weaver’s Square in particular.

A few minor things that caught my eye in the images above:

I know the gables are the thrust of this thread, but the house that really interests me on the east side of the square is the odd 3 1/2 bay one with the split pitch roof to the north of the Billies. Is it just (just!) a vernacular oddball? Is it even older? I sense a bit of history there… And it seems to have persisted until the 1930s map above too.

Also, there’s an odd little feature or discrepancy on Rocque’s map- the east side of the square is the only street front on the whole map that is not a hard black line. A simple mistake, presumably?

Finally, if they’re the same houses on Rocque and the OS 1930s map, how come the carriage arches have moved? Lazy mapping on Mr Rocque’s part?

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