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Great drawing – it reflects one of my earliest conscious memories of Dublin, when I noticed an area south of St Stephen’s Green with row after row of derelict ‘Georgian’ houses, obviously waiting quietly for the bulldozer. In 1981, I was still a planner (I would stop doing that two years later) and had taken a complete scunner to the amount of destruction going on (Glasgow was a bombsite – like Dublin, it was scarcely bombed during the war, all the damage was home-grown).
So, however disturbing, I’m going to continue speaking out against bad development, no matter what ‘the establishment’ may think – have you seen how deadly dull most of the projects in this month’s AI are? Apart from the Killiney house (and that’s an exercise in over-salaried self-indulgence), the corporate stuff is worthy but unexciting. A whole town-full of that stuff would send us all to sleep.

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