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@Devin wrote:

So sad. The sequence of streets and spaces of Brown Street / Weaver Square / Chamber Street / Newmarket / Ward’s Hill & related is enough to get any planner’s juices going. Talk about undervalued.

It’s depressing to think that had those streets survived another 70 odd years, the Liberties could be basking in UNESCO World Heritage Site status today!

The fact that this area has not been intensively redeveloped, and the fact that it still preserves fragments of its original fabric that could be restored as representative examples of it’s unique building legacy, presents us with a huge opportunity to regenerate the area in ways that respect and do justice to the wonderful streetscapes that we’ve lost.

If we put our minds to it and stopped throwing in generic apartment blocks with outsized corner tower features on every site that once had sublime examples of varied and ordered urbanism, we could yet turn the Liberties into something special again.

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